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We are an Authorised reseller for Peoplelink's software and hardware products that make everyday business interactions within the organization and with the outside world smarter. In essence, creating nextgen worker & customer experiences through design & technology.


PeopleLink provide solutions that enable doctors to utilize their time more efficiently, make possible the allround faster flow of information between doctors and nurses to ensure timely actions, and ultimately provide patients with better health outcomes..


PeopleLink first and foremost identifies the various challenges faced in the education industry. It then builds products that not only improve how the classroom functions, but also caters to the needs of learners, educators, the management and even parents.

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Educational case study

An educational institution with multiple campuses faces challenges in keeping all of them connected. A simple and effective video conferencing solution empowers professors in different locations to collaborate via virtual meeting and simultaneously cut-out transit cost. PeopleLink InstaVC provides just such a real-life setup that enables faculty to share ideas, exchange data, and ensure that the same standard of teaching is maintained across both campuses. Administrative staff can also use it to ensure university-wide standardization and control of processes and procedures


HealthCare case study

A multi-hospital chain faces the challenge of keeping all branches connected. With institutions set up in different cities, it is a major challenge to host an internal conference at a single location involving the management, senior physicians and nurse staff from all branches. InstaVC by PeopleLink provides convenience in exchange of information about hospital capabilities, critical findings from research and patient history with key stakeholders, completely eliminating the costs of travel, accommodation, and setting up at a physical venue.


Enterprise case study

Large companies with multiple branch offices are required to stay connected and hold to review sales branch-wise and discuss performances of each department. Managers and other key stakeholders are all required to be present at such important meetings. PeopleLink’s InstaVC is a video conferencing software that offers multi-party conferencing, unmistakable audio clarity and video quality of upto 4K, and the ability to function on bandwidth as low as 20kbps. Now, seamlessly work hand-in-hand with counterparts during key gatherings..


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