Virtual Classroom

VC solves the problem of bridging the gap between educators and learners. The technologies applied transform the traditional brick and mortar classroom into a global learning platform. Students can learn
directly from the experts on various topics, ask questions, and collaborate with peers without shifting base. Digital classroom setup & virtual collaboration platform that makes teaching and learning beyond geographical borders a possibility. Now, students can attend lectures from anywhere, access course materials at their convenience, and work together with their geographically dispersed peers.


Learning Management System

Video Enabled Learning Management System (VLMS) promotes interactive learning with quick and user user-friendly interface. LMS is a platform that helps bridge the gap between learners and educators. Learners can view lectures in real time, ask doubts, answer questions in the class, and reach out to professors at any point during the course. Learners can also share research with peers, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects in virtual work-spaces through interactive tools.  


Campus Automation

With this platform built with a school/college infrastructure in mind to have one stop solution for all their needs including, but not limited to Student Admissions, Transport, HR & Payroll for their various employees, Library Services and various other aspects of the institution.

Streamline the administrative tasks, manage your entire admission process from online inquiries to enrollments, ensure the safety and security of students with the GPS bus tracking system, manage staff recruitment and easy payroll generation, catalog various books in the library, track student and employee attendance using our school administration software application.