Learning Management System

Video Learning Management System

Video Enabled Learning Management System (VLMS) promotes interactive learning with quick and user user-friendly interface.

LMS is a platform that helps bridge the gap between learners and educators. Learners can view lectures in real time, ask doubts, answer questions in the class, and reach out to professors at any point during the course. Learners can also share research with peers, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects in virtual work-spaces through interactive tools.

Key Features of LMS in the field of Education

  • The total campus can be digitized
  • Record Lecture & upload course content in video, audio, word & PDF format
  • A student can revise the course when they need – during internal or exam
  • With Video based LMS an educator can explain the concept in more detail with pictorial & videos in the content
  • Institute can conduct periodic tests to check or sharpen the learning skills of the student
  • Tests can be conducted in multiple formats – MOQ, Brief description, True False
  • A student will get access to classes/subject which they miss
  • Attendance & performance can be monitored
  • This platform can be a good supplement for the current educational need